Freshwater Crayfish Care: the fundamentals

Just a couple of months back i made a decision to induce into a really fascinating hobby. That hobby is crayfish. A blue crayfish to be actual.

When I 1st got my blue crayfish, i believed it’d be simply one thing nice to possess round the house. – a pleasant very little one thing to point out friends and family that stopped by the house. {little|very very little} did i do know but however fascinating these little critters would be.

Every single day I realize myself observation my crayfish in my marine museum ascension on high of the fish tank’s ornaments, reading rocks and virtually carrying them. It’s all pretty fascinating.

Crayfish ar undoubtedly fun. However, if you propose on entering into this hobby, you’ll ought to grasp a trifle bit concerning fresh crayfish care.

The Right marine museum

When choosing a tank for your crayfish, I counsel not obtaining something smaller than a ten gallon tank. Some folks could tell you otherwise, however crayfish want somewhat of area. Crayfish additionally place out plenty of waste, therefore a smaller tank may not be as economical for removing waste. – And within the case you would like to induce your crayfish some tank mates, that you almost certainly can, you’re about to want a minimum of a ten gallon tank.

The Water

Before you set your crayfish into the tank. you’ll ought to ensure the water is conditioned which your tank is cycled. learning the water simply involves merely adding a chemical to the water you set in. That half is extremely simple.

Cycling the water involves giving the tank time to create up enough useful microorganism at intervals the tank to method and take away waste made by the crayfish and/or fish. this will be done by many alternative ways. I counsel researching and crucial that means is best for you. a way is to easily add fish food to your tank for concerning seven days. throughout this point you’ll not need to feature fish as they’ll in all probability die. – however confine mind, sport your tank is that the most significant a part of fresh crayfish care.


Providing your crayfish with a “hideout” is additionally extraordinarily vital. Crayfish like to hiding place and resort in dark places. additionally having a hiding place is vital for crayfish after they molt. that is as a result of once crayfish molt they become terribly soft and typically different fish or different crayfish can try and attack them.

Tank Mates

When selecting tank mates, you would like to make certain that you simply opt for fish that ar quick and/or swim close to the highest of the tank. If you do not, your fish may find yourself being a snack for your crayfish.

Speaking of snacks, what do crayfish eat? Crayfish ar omnivores and primarily eat everything. They in fact eat fish, however additionally plants, bloodworms, sinking pellets, etc. I feed mine a sinking pellet daily and this is often masses.


Electric Blue Crayfish Care: skills to worry For The animal

Pet crayfish may be a extremely fun and fascinating hobby. These very little critters square measure very cool to observe. They move stones to burrow in. They climb up ornaments within the tank. The chase fish… And generally they fight alternative crayfish.

At any rate, after I bought my crayfish, i made a decision to induce an electrical blue crayfish due to their awing color. It nearly appears unnatural initially look. From there, I had to find out the necessities of electrical blue crayfish care if i used to be getting to keep my very little guy alive, happy and healthy.

We All would like a Home

The first factor I did before I even got my crayfish was to induce a vivarium. in person i like to recommend a vivarium of a minimum of 10 gallons. this can be as a result of once you get your crayfish, you’re getting to wish to induce him some tank mates. – alternative fish that he will hang around with, chase and well, generally even eat. (It happens.)

Set Up the Tank

After you get your tank, you have got to line it up. 1st you may add gravel, ornaments and a hideaway for your crayfish. The hideaway is required thus your crayfish will hide and burrow once he molts alternatively alternative fish and crayfish could attach him.

You will additionally got to cycle the tank and find its natural waste and poisonous substance removal system going sturdy before you add any fish or crayfish to the tank. If not, you may find yourself killing everything. this could be no fun! sport your tank is associate degree absolute necessary piece of electrical blue crayfish care.

Tank Mates

You don’t wish your very little guy to be alone. thus you may wish to induce him some friends. Also, adding fish to the tank will build things way more fascinating. there’ll be way more action.

One factor to recollect although is that with a 10 gallon vivarium, you may wish to use caution concerning what number fish you place into the tank. Too several fish can manufacture an excessive amount of waste. – And this may hurt your fish.

When you do attempt to leave and find some fish for your tank, you would like to grasp that kinds of fish can work best with a crayfish. Crayfish like to eat fish in fact, thus if they get their claws on any of your fish, it’s over. For this terribly reason, you may wish to induce fish WHO square measure quick and/or swim close to the highest of the tank. i like to recommend tiger barbs, hatchet fish, red tail shark, danios, etc.

Crayfish will build okay tank mates too, however crayfish square measure terribly territorial and might and can eat one another if push involves shove. If you are doing get another crayfish, particularly for a 10 gallon, ensure you have got a separate hideaway for every and continually ensure they’re of identical species.

Crayfish Food

Feeding your animal is clearly a awfully necessary a part of electrical blue crayfish care. Crayfish square measure omnivores. They like to eat fish and that they eat plants too. in person I feed my crayfish a sinking wafer daily and provides him a feeder fish from time to time.

That just about sums it up. If you listen to those four points printed, you ought to don’t have any downside together with your crayfish.

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